• Stainless Steel Bending Powder Spray Anodizing Sheet Metal Machining Model


材料 ステンレススチール
加工 板金加工曲げ加工
仕上げ 陽極酸化, パワードスプレー
3D フォーマット[3D けいしき] STP/IGS/X_T
カテゴリ 板金ラピッドプロトタイピングのカスタマイズ
製品紹介 曲げ機曲げ成形を使用すると、バッチ生産を迅速に行うことができます



Sheet metal(sheet metal machining), a processing process, is a comprehensive cold processing process for metal sheet (usually under 6mm), including cutting, punching/cutting/composite, folding, riveting, splicing, forming (such as car body), etc.

Its distinctive feature is the same part thickness.

Many sheet metal factories only focus on producing single products or batch products, such as automobile shell sheet metal processing, medical equipment sheet metal processing, can not meet the broad needs of research and development customers,we focus on sheet metal prototype production for 7 years, processing over ten thousand kinds of parts, services to all of the industries, has a wealth of production experience, to help you solve the development and mass production needs.


Professional and complete production equipment to meet the needs of customers.

Laser cutting, CNC bending, punch, drilling, welding machine, sheet metal pressing process etc.
sheet metal pressing process
sheet metal pressing process
sheet metal pressing process

The design of sheet metal structural parts changes greatly, we can support personalized customization, the minimum order quantity is one piece.

sheet metal pressing process
The machining size is accurate, the tolerance is up to +/- 0.05mm, and the thickness of parts is even. If the sheet metal parts are not of the same size, it will affect assembly.
sheet metal pressing process
sheet metal pressing process

If the parts need to be exposed to the outside, it is necessary to carry out strict requirements on the texture of the material, do not scratch the outside material during processing.

We can reduce unnecessary damage during sheet metal processing and improve the utilization rate of materials.

sheet metal pressing process

When the threaded hole is needed for sheet metal parts, there is usually a deviation due to the material. Our company can tap the teeth in various ways to ensure the accuracy.